Caledonia yawl project: deck hatches

The winter has been full of distractions, but I’m trying to keep the momentum going. Since getting the Sitka spruce I’ve been focused on finishing the hatches on the bow and stern. It is one of the few things left before I can paint the inside of the hull.


I decided to give the deck a frame that is proud by just 1.5cm


I built up the hatch covers in three parts. An inner frame, a cover and an outer frame.








2 thoughts on “Caledonia yawl project: deck hatches”

  1. Hi, looks great. Im thinking of adding the same to my arctic tern, just wondering how you intend to keep the hatches closed / sealed in event of a capsize?

    1. Hi Shane, that is the big question. I’ve been thinking of a few solutions. One is to use hatch hinges with removable pins such as these or takeapart hinges like these ones otherwise my thinking is to have something super simple with a few eye straps on the sides and use that to simply lash them down similarly to what is done with a kayak hatch.

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