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Video: Le kite, un système de traction efficace ?

Le kite, un système de traction efficace ? The Swiss project Race for water odyssey is integrating a kite with their solar powered round the world journey.

I’m particularly interested in the search to automate the kite control system. That in my mind is the key à transformative use of kites for transportation.

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Building maintenance

A few days ago I discovered that raccoons had managed to rip a hole in our bike storage room and were threatening to make it a permanent home. After a brief standoff where we stared each other down they left long enough for me to consider a repair. Not wanting to do things half way I went to the hardware store to get enough hardieplank cement fibre siding to replace the whole affected area and deter future encounters with my unwanted guests.


I managed to get it all on the bike, but the hardieplank was a little heavier than expected and I was getting close to the capacity of the bike.