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Caledonia yawl project: rudder tip and centreboard coating

This evening I was able to escape to the boat shed for a couple hours. If only I could manage on a couple hours less sleep a night I would make quick progress.

I added the last bit of Kevlar to the rudder tip


rudder tip gets covered with an additional layer of kevlar
I then started coating the centreboard with a layer of I in-thickened epoxy to seal the surface before I lay the unidirectional carbon fibre. The cedar is quite dry and sucks up most of the epoxy I painted on.


the wood grain really looks beautiful. (the lighter patch is where i had already coated a few weeks ago)
I also started to set things up to laminate the knees needed at stations 2 and 4.

the knees are a much tighter bend than the apron or stem

Starting a new adventure: building a small boat

The idea has been brewing in my mind for many years. I’ve been pondering a way to reconcile my love of simple self propelled travelling with having two young children. I want to be able to share the experiences, while not inoculating them from every wanting to do it again when they are older. So my wandering mind has settled on a plan that will satisfy many requirements.

I would like to build a small wooden sailboat.

  • Seaworthy enough to sail up and down the inside passage from Vancouver to Cortez Island and maybe even up the inside passage up to the Broughton Archipelago or Prince Rupert.
  • Capable of taking my whole family with camping equipment and food for several days
  • Able to sail in light to strong winds
  • Able to be rowed comfortably by one or two people when there is no wind.
  • Capable to accommodate sleeping aboard when in still water with a canvass boom tent and plenty stowage for equipment and food.
  • Beachable, so that people and equipment can easily be brought to shore in remote locations.
  • Can be stored on trailer on land or in the water
  • A small motor well or mount when conditions and distances warrant.

So these parameters in themselves do narrow down the possibilities somewhat. But the key determinants of narrowing it down to a smaller list might be the subjective design qualities. The intangible special sauce that mixes function and form into a beautiful seaworthy sailboat. The final element is one of size, how small is too small for a family of four? Would an open boat on a typically rainy west coast day be too miserable for my family? Does the boat have to have a cabin or could we manage without?

Caledonia Yawl
The Caledonia Yawl sail configuration I chose