Caledonia yawl project: cutting the gains on the garboard 

Today I tackled something new, cutting  the gains on the garboard so that the second strake appears to taper nicely to meet the profile of the garboard as it gets to the bow and stern stem.

To accomplish this I needed a rebate or a shoulder plane, which I don’t yet have in my tool kit. So I got a membership to the Vancouver Tool Library to allow me to access the tools I don’t yet have. As you might imagine shoulder planes or rebate planes are not super common tools, but they are precisely what makes the tool library such a wonderful service. I can easily imagine some kind of franchise where clusters of a few blocks have something similar.

The interesting thing with the gains on the garboard is that they also require a rolling bevel as the second stake has a fair amount of twist necessary to meet the stems, particularly at the bow.

bow gain and bevel on garboard plank

This was further complicated by the slight bump in the garboard from station one to the stem. I appears that I did not quite roll my bevel enough from the keelson to the stem. I’m not shure how to redo it without a significant deconstruction, so I’m going to try to adapt it as best I can with the second strake.

I tried two different approaches on the bow and stern gains. In the bow I tried cutting half the gain on the garboard and the other half on the second strake, with the rolling bevel for added complexity I found it hard. For the stern I cut all the gain on the garboard strake and found it much simpler.

I’ve glued in the starboard side, but I won’t see how well I did until I take off all the clamps.

starboard strake glued and clamped
seen from the stern

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