Caledonia yawl project: Back in the boat shed

This fall has been overwhelmed with other projects, namely completing my bike shed and going to the THNK  school of creative leadership. Both eminently worthwhile pursuits, but they have displaced what little time I’ve set aside to move forward on this boat building project. It’s winter again and although Vancouver is not particularly cold the temperature has been hovering around three degrees Celsius in the morning and not much warmer in the afternoon which makes epoxy work more difficult.

Thankfully I have my makeshift oven.

Laminating my last knee
Where I can keep the latest knee I laminated warm enough to cure.

Next up the final fairing of the centreboard.


Got a few hours sneaked in today to get ahead with the centreboard by adding a layer of epoxy thickened with fairing compound West 207. I chose 207 instead of 210 microlight becaus I thought the centreboard still gets some scuffing in use and was afraid that the 210 might be too fragile. Probably an unfounded fear.


Putting the centreboard in the oven


the fairing epoxy filler is pink


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