Caledonia Yawl project: Gluing the rudder components

today I glued the rudder blade and the rudder assembly. It seems premature as the boat has not taken shape yet. But it is part of my space management approach to do all of the flat tasks while I have the flat surface in the strong back.

rudder blade and body laminated cedar 2x2s


using a carbon filter to keep the epoxy VOCs at bay


optimizing my Joubert occoume 9mm plywood for the rudder cheeks


the cut rudder cheeks



The two pairs of rudder cheeks being glued up under all the heavy things i could find


One thought on “Caledonia Yawl project: Gluing the rudder components”

  1. Did you add lead ballast or will you use another system to keep the centerboard lowered? Wish I had created a similar laminated centerboard and rudder perhaps with a very dense wood like osage orange.

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