Caledonia yawl project: planing the bow apron and stem

Having access to a thickness planer makes this activity much easier and more precise. I was able with relative ease to plane the whole length of both the apron and stem down to the specified thickness on my own. I did spend some time fretting about keeping the angles square and not ending up with a weird parallelogram that would give the bow a weird twist. fortunately the thickness planer coupled with a square and some judicious hand planing kept everything progressing smoothly. When planing the apron down to the right 2″ thickness i was sure to keep checking that it was square.


always a releif when the peices separate from the mould


I’m still amazed at how much epoxy was needed to do the laminating and all that squeezes out



all that work now. sitting in the rafters waiting for me to complete the rest of the work on flat stock before i put up the station moulds


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