Caledonia Yawl project: Labour Day weekend (Part 2)

For the next four days we did little day trips around Protection Island and out to Kanaka Bay on Saysutchun.


The boat stayed comfortably at anchor in Brownie bay at the north east end of the camping area on nice sand between two sandstone rock groins. The tides were nice and big and so the boat would lay on the sand each morning for a few hours. This is how I was able to go and walk out to the anchor and see exactly how it lay. It is fishermans with folding flukes which allows it to pack up into a nice small package aboard. I also have a Fortress FX-7 4lbs anchor but I find it much more involved to take apart and so my tendency is to keep it as the backup as it is quite cumbersome on a small boat when it is put together. I’ve been eyeing the Mantus M2 8lbs anchor as it looks to be quick to take apart and would stow away nicely. It is just a little expensive and not that easy to source in Canada.

The boat in the morning at anchor looking back towards the camping area of Saysutchun. Note that there is a no anchoring area that protects eel grass for half the channel between Saysutchun and Protection island. I’m anchored further out where there is mostly just sand and less eel grass.


Each morning, I could not help but go out to take pictures of the boat at sunrise as it was such a nice light.


This one really captures the feeling of a languishing summer morning.

I also took the time to recharge the ePropulsion battery with my solar panels. On the way over we had only motored a little to get out of English bay and then near the end to do the last few miles to the Saysutchun dock. So it only took a few hours to top off the battery.


In the next part the voyage back to Vancouver.

3 thoughts on “Caledonia Yawl project: Labour Day weekend (Part 2)”

  1. Enjoying the updates – thanks!
    Can you tell us what size Fishermans anchor and chain you’re using? Just in the process of deciding on anchors for my Ness yawl which is just a bit smaller than the Caledonia

    1. Sorry for the delay responding Shane, I got the Osculati folding admiralty patter anchor 5kg (11 lbs) the flukes are nice an wide.
      So far so good in nice sandy/muddy bottom. I particularly like the way it folds down into a small package for storage. I wrap in in a padded blanket and that way I’m certain it does not affect my paint job inside the boat. I might back it up with a modern anchor design the 3.6 kg Mantus or the 4 kg Rocna Vulcan to use when I need to set the boat in a tight spot and not move around at all.

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