Caledonia yawl project: placing the aprons

This was a scary set of cuts to make. The laminating and dressing of the aprons took so much time it seems that the act of shaping them to be ready to mate with the keelson was trepidatious.

the bow apron roughed in before cutting

my workspace is small so i had to get creative to brace the apron to cut it

the bow apron in place and held by a clamp

the stern apron in place

I also did some work on two pieces of cherry I picked up to see if I could make cleats and other rigging out of it.

the cherry ripped into managable slabs with a chain saw

Caledonia Yawl Project: bracing the station moulds

I spent the morning today checking and double checking the alignment and squareness of the station moulds. 

The stern apron just needs a little more planing to fit in the slot. It is nice to see the shape line up well.

The moment of truth came when I dry fitted the keelson and it fell into the notches perfectly. I just had to make a small adjustment for station 2, otherwise everything lined up well. I still have a few more braces to put up and then I can get started on the next steps: placing the floor timbers, cutting the slot for the centreboard and the gluing the aprons to the keelson.

Caledonia Yawl project: Station molds

Today I cleaned up all the space around the strongback and removed the plywood that made it into a working table. 

And then started to check the level and brace it.

I then proceeded to place the station molds one by one. Checking that they are square.


looking forward through the holes in the station molds

I’ve started to play with a stringer to see how things align.

It feels good to finally see the boat take shape, if only in my mind so far. 

Next up: double check that everything is plumb and square, brace the molds and fit the aprons (inner stems) and the keelson.