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Caledonia yawl project: rudder tip and centreboard coating

This evening I was able to escape to the boat shed for a couple hours. If only I could manage on a couple hours less sleep a night I would make quick progress.

I added the last bit of Kevlar to the rudder tip


rudder tip gets covered with an additional layer of kevlar
I then started coating the centreboard with a layer of I in-thickened epoxy to seal the surface before I lay the unidirectional carbon fibre. The cedar is quite dry and sucks up most of the epoxy I painted on.


the wood grain really looks beautiful. (the lighter patch is where i had already coated a few weeks ago)
I also started to set things up to laminate the knees needed at stations 2 and 4.

the knees are a much tighter bend than the apron or stem

Caledonia Yawl project: laying Kevlar on the rudder blade

This probably lies somewhere between overkill and preventative engineering. I decided to lay some Kevlar fiber on the rudder and centreboard leading edges to deal with the wear and tear of a beach boat that will regularly come in contact with the shoreline and may at times bump up against the sand, gravel or rocks on the shoreline. In our part of the world floating or partially submerged logs and driftwood are also a concern.

Kevlar wrap over the leading edge
Kevlar wrap over the leading edge of the rudder
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