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Caledonia yawl project: sanding, fairing & more sanding

This is the part where the changes are almost imperceptible but where so much of the final appearance of the boat rests.


I’ve sanded and added low density fairing epoxy filler to the parts that needed it. Then the process of sanding continues. Each time a thin layer of dusts covers the hull everything appears more fair and smooth. This dangerous as I have learned when mudding drywall, what lies beneath needs to be exposed to be sure there aren’t any bumps, holes, bubbles or ripples that would be even more apparent once the paint is applied.

Caledonia Yawl: hull preparation

The work has progressed in small increments on the hull. Each step did not really reveal a significant visual transformation that might show up on the camera. But they are small changes that will allow the hull to look great once painted.
I glued up the keel and the stems:

and after a few repeat visits added the keel pieced on either side of the centreboard slot.

Then we got to work sanding and planing down the keel and stems so that they were fair to the eye.


and distracted myself with paint selection ideas:

and put fillets of epoxy mixed with low density fairing filler in all the laps.

I then decided to add a small rub strip of wood on the lower edge of the sheer strake. The idea being that I like the way in helps to frame the sheer strake and that it might also serve a small function as well.

The last step before really getting down to the final preparation for painting is the outer gunwhale.

Caledonia yawl project: Back in the boat shed

This fall has been overwhelmed with other projects, namely completing my bike shed and going to the THNK ¬†school of creative leadership. Both eminently worthwhile pursuits, but they have displaced what little time I’ve set aside to move forward on this boat building project. It’s winter again and although Vancouver is not particularly cold the temperature has been hovering around three degrees Celsius in the morning and not much warmer in the afternoon which makes epoxy work more difficult.

Thankfully I have my makeshift oven.

Laminating my last knee
Where I can keep the latest knee I laminated warm enough to cure.

Next up the final fairing of the centreboard.

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