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Boat shed day two

Today was a nice warm front ahead of an ominous rain system barrelling down on Vancouver.
I felt the pressure of getting the roof up today.
Working alone I managed to finish the walls and clear out the extra wood and off cuts that were against the fence.

Roof Trusses
Boat Shed Roof Trusses

All the trusses were ready and the trick was to put it all un on my own.

The walls & 3 Trusses

With a few braces I managed fairly well, but I was quite happy to see Patrice arrive at four and in the last hour we got all the trusses and. Strapping down. Just as it started to rain I got three of the corrugated roof sheets up. So I’m one quarter of the way towards having a dry boat shed.

Boat Shed construction
Three sheets of galvalume in place

Now the only thing I’m missing is a couple gutters to keep the people passing by dry.