Caledonia yawl project: ripping strips for the chainplates frame


Today I was able to share the project with a couple friends who had not been down to see it.  It was interesting to hear that based on the photos they did not have a good sense of scale and found it to be much bigger than expected.

I also borrowed a table saw to rip the necessary strips to create the 1″ by 2″ frame that will be bolted to the chainplates and but into the gunnels (inwhales).


My little roller feeder guide still works great and I’m quite happy with my strips. All from a 10′ 2×4 of clear Douglas fir that cost me $50.

I now have 2.25″ of 1″ wide strips. It is 0 degrees today so I’ll wait for a warmer spell to glue  it all on the mould.


I also started sanding all the fillets I put in at each lap landing on the inside of the hull.


And at the end of the day I got some help vacuuming.


And they helped with getting a good scale aide for the photos.




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