Caledonia yawl project: bronze hardware

The choice to go with the gunter yawl rig as opposed to the  balanced lug rig involves a few more pieced of hardware. Notably the big difference is the need for standing rigging as opposed to a free standing mast. I’ve been working on the rudder assembly this summer as well as the centreboard and the need to order the rudder hardware to make sure everything I was doing would fit properly.

After looking at the Classic Marine online catalog  I realized that it would be a good idea to also order the other hardware at the same time to avoid paying for shipping fees multiple times. So receiving the hardware yesterday felt like Christmas, and I know now that there is one less thing holding back this boat from being completed.

The Classic marine catalog does not have a very well developed images for all the products so I thought putting up photos of all the parts would be useful.

So after some thought I decided to commit to my plan of building the gunter rigged version of the Caledonia Yawl. This meant purchasing a minimum of two chainplates, one forestay plate, one pad eye and the gaff span shackle.

Chainstay, Forestay, pad eye and span shackle
Chainstay, Forestay, pad eye and span shackle

The rudder hardware

Rudder straps, Gudgeons and Pintles
Rudder straps, Gudgeons and Pintles


I will still have to drill out the holes for the screws or bolts that will hold it all down. But for the moment it is very exciting to see all this hardware.

Bronze rudder pivot pin and brass bushing
Bronze centreboard pivot pin and brass bushing

With the recent windstorm took down a large cherry tree in someone’s back yard nearby. I’ve recovered two big pieces an with some luck they will dry nicely as I complete the boat. Then once they  are nicely seasoned, I’ll cut them up into small blocks and shape them to make my horn cleats and other small pieces that can be made out of hardwood. If it does not work no big deal.

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