Caledonia Yawl project: Gluing the the stern apron and stem laminate strips 

I had planned to glue the laminate strips in one go on Wednesday evening. But as things go when doing something for the first time, things take longer than expected. It was a cold evening and the epoxy was more viscous than I expected so spreading it on each laminate took much longer than I anticipated.


Dry-fitting the apron and stem

stacking the apron laminations after coating with epoxy

So I split the task in two, and just glued up the apron.

Then on Friday I came in to repeat the process for the stern stem and just leave the apron in place as the mould. It was a little warmer and I changed my approach to coating the epoxy but it still took a while.


laying out the strips to coat with epoxy


good squeeze out of epoxy between laminations


the stem is now ready to spend the night setting up


I am amazed by the amount of epoxy te process required. It leads me to consider that next time I might try building up the stem out of solid timber.

A couple lights are keeping the epoxy warm overnight
A couple lights are keeping the epoxy warm overnight

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